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3 min readNov 29, 2021

“Wild kong with Barril — Bleu Mauritius” is the artwork that claims the pollution emergency in the world.

Richard Orlinski (1966, Paris) was not born as an artist: his career started as an architect and interior designer and only in 2002 he decided to completely change his life.

After 2 years, in 2004 he showed to the public his first works and the success instantly raised among popular fairs such as Art Elysées, FIAC and Art Basel.
Since 2011, he is among the TOP 10 best selling French artists in the world (source: Artprice). In 2015, he ranked first.

Richard Orlinski (Paris, 1966) with one of his iconic animals

Over the past 20 years he opened a sculpture studio where he collaborates with highly qualified technicians.

International galleries dedicate specific exhibitions to his work and his rating has quickly increased in the past ten years.

Today his collections and iconic animals are included in art collections all over the world.

Let’s now deep into his artistic research:

we must say at first that the artist loves pointing out the main issue of our contemporary society: how humans are literally killing the environment, both animals and nature.

He’s became popular all over the world thanks to the animals he creats in his studio: they are sculptures made of different materials and alloys.

These images come from his website: those animals have all a story and a specific meaning for the artist, often related to the environment and what they represent for humans. Source: https://richardorlinski.fr/models/

As a matter of fact, Orlinski created a concept called Born Wild:

Through the Born Wild ©, concept, Orlinski questions the transformation of a primary instinct into a civilized emotion. The expression of this transformation is the aesthetic of the work, the search of perfection of the sculptor and the viewer’s perception. Defender of Arts as something accessible to all, Orlinski draws in popular imageries icons that serve his purpose. Simple but strong figures that evoke the animal and savagery, while retaining an almost hypnotic beauty.

His sculptures embrace this concept, that’s why we choosed to list on ArtSquare.io one of his most iconic animal: the Wild Kong.

“Wild kong with Barril — Bleu Mauritius” , Richard Orlinski, 2012

When the artist represents King Kong, he wants to raise questions about the archaic fears concerning our animality.

In this artwork, the gorilla is throwing a barrel of oil away. A native of Skull Island, the huge animal used to rule over a hostile nature populated by prehistoric animals, and his main goal was the preservation of species.
In this case, Wild Kong understands the dangers of pollution caused by humans and he uses his strength to get the world rid of this plague.

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