Una brillante idea — Alighiero Boetti still runs the Art Market

2 min readOct 11, 2021

Only 17.1% of Boetti Artworks are available on the Market. We are in this 17.1%.

Alighiero Boetti (1940–1994) has been one of the most popular artist belonging to the Arte Povera, an artistic movement born in Italy in 1967.

We believe in the democratization of art, that’s why owning a piece of a blue chip is one of the greatest gift you can make to yourself if you love contemporary art.

Why is Boetti so fundamental for Contemporary Art?

He’s one of the first who refused the canva and brush to feel the real essence of reality: this is why according to him a pencil and a sheet would have been enough to make any kind of art.

He has lived the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties in Italy and he always aimed to change the artist’s role in society: a person whose role would be fundamental for a research into reality. His research and work infact question the traditional role of the artist and stress the concepts of seriality, repetitiveness and authorship of the artwork.

This is not the proper time to describe his artworks and his artistic research, however we’d like to stress some common characteristics of one of his most popular artworks series: the tapestries.

During a trip to Afghanistan in 1971, he was fascinated by the ancient art of thread embroidery practiced by local women. He then decided to commission the work to 500 women who would perform it strictly by hand: so were born the tapestries that made him popular all over the world.

In different formats, the tapestries were subdivided into grids in which phrases and mottos invented by the same artist were inserted. Through seemingly simple but discordant words the artist reflected on aspects of political, social, cultural and linguistic, inviting in turn the viewer to question and actively enjoy the works, without being passive and disinterested in a continuous game of double specular made of left and right.

Una Brillante Idea si the tapestry made in 1992 in Pakistan: the afghan women who used to work for Alighiero were forced to escape to Pakistan after the sovitic occupation of Afghanistan.

Una Brillante Idea, meaning “a brilliant idea” is one of the last pieces created by Alighiero Boetti and one of the last ever available in the Market.

The appreciation rate over Boetti’s production has raised of 974% over the past 10 years and we are proud to say that you can own a fractional share of one of the latest artworks available in the market.

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