To the moon and back: Andrea Bonaceto’s NFT is on NOW
3 min readSep 30, 2021

We have grown up with these popular images that ran all over the world: it was 1969 and for the first time ever the human being landed on the moon. Andrea Bonaceto decided to explore this fascinating moment with the iconic cover of the Corriere della Sera, Italy’s most read newspaper.

The front page of Corriere della Sera has been created by Andrea Bonaceto as a reinterpretation of the historic day. This NFT is a programmable art piece which change itself once human beings will go back to the moon.

Andrea Bonaceto created this NFT in collaboration with the Italian newspaper, which has shown its interest on crypto art and decided to make a partnership with him. However, we must say that this is not all.
1969. The Moon Landing is a collection where Andrea decided to pay tribute to the astronauts’ portrait who led the mission: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

The three astronauts’ portraits who let the moon landing: Buzz Aldring, Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong.

Before telling you which one you can find on, we’d like to show you one last piece of Andrea Bonaceto: he created a poem, available only for his collectors, called Aspettando un Treno a Palmira (Waiting for a train in Palmira).

“Ultimo treno a Palmira” is the NFT available only for Andrea Bonaceto’s collectors.

Andrea is an artist who has always made his research in the intersection between visual art, music and poetry.

We hope you enjoyed this story about Andrea, because now we get to us.

As you know in fact we love Contemporary Art, both in the real world and in digital world. That’s why we decided to release the first NFT on today.

From NOW is possible to list Michael Collins from 1969. The Moon Landing.

Michael Collins #7/30

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See you on the other side then!