“Now You Can Own (a Piece of) a Warhol Thanks to this London-Based Italian Start-Up”: ArtSquare.io Featured in La Repubblica.it

“If you’re among those who wished at least once in their life to hang a Banksy in their lounge or have an Andy Warhol welcome their guests from the walls of the entryway, you know how difficult it is to turn such dream into reality. Buying art is just not accessible. Or at least, it is accessible only to a very narrow group of people, those with a six-figure bank account who can savagely bid at auction. But what if we settle for just one piece of a work of art, the portion of it we can afford?”

Alessandro Allocca, “Do you want to buy a piece of an Andy Warhol work? Three London-based Italians are making it possible.”, La Repubblica.it, 20/11/2019

London-based journalist Alessandro Allocca proudly tells the readers of La Repubblica.it about ArtSquare.io’s idea of democratizing the art market and the Italian team that is developing it. In Allocca’s words, “settling for buying just a portion of a work of art is the same as owning shares in a company hoping that it will be a good investment with high returns.” But ArtSquare.io is not only profits and a new way of incorporating art in one’s investment portfolio; it about expanding the demographic of the art market — a traditionally elitist forum — and in so doing, making it affordable and easy to navigate for new groups of buyers. Art businesses of all sorts are using strategies like ours to target this category, as explained in a recent article by Artnet.

“ArtSquare.io will also function as a new sales channel for those art galleries that have accumulated unsold lots over the years and cannot display them in their locations due to lack of space. ArtSquare.io will be the place to showcase and sell these lots to a wider audience rather than have them sit for years in storage.”

Say that I want to see the work of art I am co-investing it on ArtSquare.io, how does that work? With ArtSquare.io it is always possible for our community to see firsthand the listings in top-notch galleries around the world. ArtSquare.io’s first listed artwork, Andy Warhol’s Kiku is currently on display at Tornabuoni Art‘s Florence branch for all to see. Digital Art Shares for Kiku are now on sale and available for purchase in the Listing section of you ArtSquare.io account.

You can read the full article (in Italian) here.

Originally published at https://www.artsquare.io on November 6, 2019.

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