NFT RADAR | Episode 1: Tyler Hobbs
3 min readFeb 14, 2022
The ID we created about Tyler Hobbs

This cycle of programming is very experimental and exploratory. I’m looking for new things, testing out wild ideas, and occasionally adding bugs to the program that accidentally make it way better than it was before.

1. Creative Approach

The creative approach of the artist

Tyler’s usually divides his creative approach into 4 steps: idea creation, programming, curating, creating the physical object.

Why did we choose Unpredictable as a keyword?

As Tyler states in his essay The rise of Long-Form Generative Art:

The artist creates a generative script (e.g. Fidenza) that is written to the Ethereum blockchain, making it permanent, immutable, and verifiable. Next, the artist specifies how many iterations will be available to be minted by the script. A typical choice is in the 500 to 1000 range. When a collector mints an iteration (i.e. they make a purchase), the script is run to generate a new output, and that output is wrapped in an NFT and transferred directly to the collector. Nobody, including the collector, the platform, or the artist, knows precisely what will be generated when the script is run, so the full range of outputs is a surprise to everyone.

Unpredictable is a statement that Tyler follows in order to produce all his creations. We believe that one of the most exciting moments he has during the creative process is when he mint an NFT and he doesn’t know how it will look in the end.

Is this the Art of XXI century? It must be for sure!

2. One NFT Collection we selected for you

What we loved the most about Tyler Hobbs and his digital artworks

Incomplete Control
Tyler Hobbs
100 of 100 minted

From Art Blocks:

Incomplete Control is about letting go, allowing room for error and imperfection. It is a meditation on the relation between analogue and computational aesthetics. The output space is a continuous spectrum. Each iteration has its own character to discover and enjoy, if you are willing to give it the time.

Library: p5js
Initial Price: 1.0 BRTIC
License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Just 10 NFTs out of 100 minted

When we checked this NFT collection out and saw its colours and lines, our mind went forward to a XX Century Contemporary Artist who made history.

Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly, Untitled (Bolsena), 1969

3. Tyler Hobbs’s Social Channels

Let’s focus on Tyler’s Social Channels!

Twitter: @tylerxhobbs

Tyler always focuses on Art Masters in order to create his own digital artworks. We love how he gets inspired by Modern and Contemporary Art because it is clearly an artistic source of his creative approach.

Instagram: @tylerxhobbs

In this Instagram post Tyler speaks about Fidenza, the Algorithm he created, and shares one of his beautiful NFT made thanks to this algorithm.

We hope you all enjoyed this blogpost: we’ll deep into the NFT world week by week and select NFT artists who are making art history.

Bear in mind just one thing: All Art Has been Contemporary!

See you soon! Team