Modernizing Art and Ownership in the Digital Economy | at Decipher Miami enjoyed the Algorand two-day experience that convened the community of builders, businesses, investors, and strategic stakeholders deciphering the future on Algorand.

On Decipher Event official website we read:
2021 was the year NFTs took hold of our collective consciousness, revolutionizing the way we think about art, ownership, even the term ‘gallery.’ From blockbuster sale prices to the entrance of some of the world’s most renowned artists into the space, it’s clear that digital collectibles are here to stay. Featuring top movers and shakers of the art world, this panel will examine the modernization of art and the creator economy as the Web3 era begins.

The panel was great and you can watch the video in a second.
Just give us a couple of minutes to say that we went back home from Miami and we are still thrilled and grateful for the experience we had.
Francesco Boni Guinicelli, cofounder, talked about and how this startup is made by two coexisting souls: the one linked to the emotional aspect of owning an artwork, the other one linked to the investment a person can make with the artwork itself.
Primary and Secondary Market on allow users to be both art collectors and investors, to afford a bluechip artwork and to experience the co-ownership in a community.

Thank you to the amazing people who enjoyed the discussion with us:

MICHELLE ABBS, Managing Director, Mana Tech


NANNE DEKKING, CEO & Founder, Artory

GENEVIEVE PATTERSON, Head of Applied Research, VSCO


And now watch the full video 👇🏽




Fine Art investing for everyone.

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Fine Art investing for everyone.

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