Fondation Pinault in Paris and in London: how Contemporary Art and Stock Market always go hand in hand
3 min readNov 8, 2021
Urs Fischer, Untitled, 2011–2020 (détail/detail). © Urs Fischer. Courtesy de l’artiste et Pinault Collection. Photo Stefan Altenburger.

Have you ever heard about Francois Pinault? He’s the person who over the past decades basically run the world.

Francois Pinault is the founder of the Kering Group, a French-based multinational corporation specialized in luxury goods. It owns several luxury brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga.

However, we are here today for another reason: if you are an Art Lover, you must know him because of his several cultural project in the Art World.

Since 2006 Francois Pinault opened to the world his Contemporary Art Collection in Venice: Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana are the two contemporary museums that host some of the most popular art exhibitions in Italy and Europe.

The beautiful location of Punta della Dogana, one of the museums owned by the Pinault Foundation in Italy.

Furthermore, Francois Pinault is the owner of Christie’s and his collection includes masterpieces by Picasso, Mondrian and Koons.

This year the famous entrepreneur made one step forward and founded a new, giant, cultural project: he gave home to more the 10.000 pieces of art inside the Bourse de Commerce in Paris.

Urs Fischer, Untitled, 2011–2020 (détail/detail). © Urs Fischer. Courtesy de l’artiste et Pinault Collection. Photo Stefan Altenburger.

Once again, Pinault showed to the world how with great power come great responsibility: his commitment to the spreading of Art and Culture has been confirmed once again.

The Bourse de Commerce is the native headquarter of the Paris Commodities Exchange, originally used as a place to negotiate the trade of grain and other commodities, and used to provide services to businesses by the Paris Chamber of Commerce during the latter part of the 20th century.

If you read our blogposts on Tutorial Medium, you may remember something about the Exchange and how we started to explain it:

Let’s think for a moment at the Exchange like an ancient market, such as the ones in the European Middle Age: there used to be merchants and traders from all over the world who used to shout out what today we easily call a chain of supply and demand.

As we have just said, one of the most important Contemporary Art Collection of the world is based in an ancient Exchange Stock Market, in the real world.

The combination of Art and Stock Market is something knows very well, and we are thrilled to see how the Pinault Foundation goes in our same direction.

That’s why we are here today: to contribute our little part by sending the same message, spreading the same values.

The Pinault Foundation made people aware of what contemporary art is even more, and donated to Paris a place where living and consuming culture. has the mission to shape the future of the Art Market starting from this: building an ecosystem where people can invest in Fine Art, exchange their stocks and discover the beauty of Fine Art Collecting.

If the Pinault Fondation is today in the Bourse de Paris, is in its Exchange and couldn’t be more proud to do what does.

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